Samsung development portfolio block Qi for encrypted phones S10

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Samsung has launched a series phones S10 last week and had time on several frequencies in the operating system hardware of the phone, which show it as a phone more wonderful because of the specifications they possess. But it seems that the company didn’t know about everything about the phone in that time, especially the emergence of a great advantage of owning a portfolio of block Qi.

According to the latest reports, it has been building a portfolio for digital encrypted based on the technique of block Qi was included within the phone, which is what allows it to store data and digital currency analysis, etc. This wallet helps users to store the data for the formation of the months, next to the interior as well as the Cosmo Coin Korean-owned chain of cosmetic stores Cosmo there and users applied Cosmee gifts of work to replace it later when you write reviews about their products.

Not only that, but Samsung will provide support for a number of applications which rely on decentralized in their dealings and are rather based on the technique of block Qi. The company will store the wallet in a place he can’t access system not thanks to the protection of Knox that offer it will be between the work of the portfolio and regular procedures of the system.

Besides, the Korean company talked about its support for the work of the Enjin Coin; which is based on the system interior and have been developed for games to exchange the digital currency, has been launched earlier in Korea. As that Samsung will support the future of the state and without notice of any device with the other, through the use of digital currencies encrypted.

You think Samsung is first among the most smartphone companies selling that technology offers block Qi in its phones, which is a giant step in the evolution of digital currency and the way transactions using phones as well as storage of identity data and tariff, which said about Villa Chi City HTC a while ago that he represents the future thanks to data storage, security and decentralization.

Was HTC has revealed her phone Exodus in the past year and has made it available for purchase via digital currencies only at the price exceeded 1,000$ which is done by the Finney launched the phone at the same price similar, except that the Galaxy S10 will be available at a lower price with a specification much higher than the previous phones in the case of the attention to technology and encrypted.

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