Samsung dominates the market for screens with a stake of up to 40.2%

Revealed a new report from IHS Markit on registration Samsung the highest percentage in the shipments screen by up to 40.2% during the first quarter of 2019.

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Successful Korean giant in the achievement of sales in tea of $ 3.4 million, or equivalent to 40.2% of the total shipments of tea during this quarter, but with such a large proportion that are controlled by Samsung, but it also recorded an annual loss of 6.6%.

I’ve seen JDI second place with a market share of 12.3%, while the share of the BOE the market to a rate of 11.9%, also indicated that the expectations of the agency the IHS to share company BOE will exceed the share of JDI during the second quarter of 2019, according to the rapid development in shipments of the company BOE.

Emphasizes market analysts to be the main reason for the high share of Samsung’s market share of shipments of screens, return to height ratio of the shipment of OLED screens for manufacturers of smart phones this year, due to a lot of phone manufacturers select this category of tea that supports the integration of sensor footprint on the screen.

Recall that the strongest contender to buy Samsung is now the company BOE of China, which began in the last period in a doubling of production for the supply of screens for phones Mate 20 Pro.


I know of

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