“Samsung” Egypt is a programme of discounts on the screens on the occasion of the World Cup

Detection qassem Hassan, the head of the sector of TV business, Samsung Electronics Egypt, that the group of new screens launched by Samsung in its last New York City characterized by high efficiency, owing to its dependence on the technique of QLED that allows the user to get the picture quality, no matter how increased screen size.

Added well, in the schools with the program “night online”, that technique QLED is characterized by precise detail and realistic colors and their reflection, next to the equip screen the first processure -Wizard – for televisions called artificial intelligence, which allows the company to adapt to the displayed image.

Said the head of the sector of TVs at Samsung Electronics Egypt “TVs New will be launched during the second half of the year underway”.

Stressed well, on to the screen of the QLED is manufactured in Egypt and exported large part to the nearly 26 countries around the world, all of them bearing the slogan “made in Egypt”.

Added “screen Samsung variety start from 3 thousand pounds, you will witness the coming period a few surprises from our side especially for those interested in watching football matches on the occasion of the World Cup, will be amazing discounts”.

As for the after-sales service, explained well that Samsung pay great attention to after-sales service through a network of maintenance centers scattered in various areas, next to the maintenance centers of the mobile that are waiting in the summer.

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