Samsung employs a veteran Engineer at Nvidia Corporation for the on processor graphics own


A while ago, we informed you that Samsung is working on hiring a group of Engineers to help them develop processors and graphics, and now they found the right person to lead the team, which the engineer Chien-Ping Lu, also known as CP. It should be noted that the latter is one of the veteran in the development of processors, graphics, it has previously not working in Nvidia Corporation, as he also worked in the company MediaTek.

Yeah right, it was a company MediaTek wants to be more independent from ARM and Imagination, so she started other work on the design of the processors, the graphics own, but eventually decided to cancel the project which was almost done.

Become the architect Chien-Ping Lu is now part of the Samsung team focuses on project Samsung GPU, knowing that he is currently working with the Samsung team in the city of Austin, USA. There is unofficial information says that the innovative design, developed by South Korean company will provide high performance per watt note that the simulations showed better performance than expected.

It seems that the research that led to the design of the Processor graphics that began in the facilities of Suwon, a subsidiary of Samsung, which was looking at the designs of VLIW that can handle large amounts of data quickly. Of course, this is great in processors graphics, but may be the use of these technologies for the purposes of artificial intelligence as well.

Have the engineer Chien-Ping Lu several patents that relate to processors graphics and machine learning. He is also the vice chairman of the Department of Engineering gear company NovuMind, which seeks to develop the chips, artificial intelligence, energy-saving. Obviously this will be of interest to team Bixby, but machine learning the great things of digital photography also.


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