Samsung explains why Galaxy Fuld flexes inside

During the interview with the ferry, said Kate Beaumont director of products and services strategy Samsung UK that will be holding another press conference about the Galaxy Fuld before April 26, which will be released in phone the midwife to bending.

Added Beaumont that, when version Galaxy Fuld will be available in quantities less than the Galaxy S10 describes his as an “extremely luxurious”, says the chief executive that the purchase experience would be very special to be preceded by a service of intensive post-house, building it will be available phone the midwife to bending has large branches exclusively, to reveal more details later.

“This device is extremely luxurious, and we want to make sure that I don’t experience and premium service, so will not be displayed in all the stores on the shelves, we want to make sure it is a highly personal experience, and her service was particularly intensive after-sales”.

Samsung chose to bend Galaxy Fuld to the inside compared to Hoi An with a dead X, who flexes out, and Beaumont that his company tried a number of different options, but decided that having the screen size 7.3 inches on the inside is the best way to protect her.

It adds the Samsung it if was bending to the outside you will not take the same amount of research and development to implement the folding apparatus, unlike the female customers inside who needs to get to the corner of the study of Milan is much less.

Whereas, the Galaxy bore a unique device, it will be shipped in a box of luxury with headphones Galaxy wireless free with the price of 130$.

Source: the ferry

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