Samsung extended an agreement to license patents with Nokia

Samsung Company 98765465

The company announced the Nokia just for the renewal of license agreement patents with Samsung, and will become this agreement the South Korean company using the patents of the Finnish company for several more years.

Will end the current agreement by the end of this year due to it was signed five years ago. You did not specify the period of the new contract because all the terms of the agreement remain confidential between the parties. According to the statement of head of the Department of legal affairs of the company Nokia, the license agreement this time do not cover only patents related to mobile devices, but also covers the standards of cellular network 5G.

Samsung is a pioneer in the smart phone industry, has obtained a license to Nokia for many years. I am pleased that we have reached an agreement to extend our contract. This demonstrates the agreement strength of the patent portfolio we have and our leadership in the research, development and licensing of standards for cellular, including 5G.



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