Samsung eyeing to launch a phone with a battery of graphene in two years

Galaxy Note 10+ galaxy watch active 2

When Samsung revealed about the new technology batteries use graphene material to make lithium-ion batteries continue to work for lengths, everyone was raving about this technique welcomes the future, despite the astronomical cost of production, making it difficult for the South Korean company brought these new batteries to the devices that are produced in large quantities.

However, according to the experiences of the famous American Evan Blass , known as the month of evleaks, it seems that Samsung is about to unveil a device with a battery of graphene ” either next year or in the year 2020 “.

Is the description of graphene as a conductive material, strong and flexible at the self time, it is viewed as the future since they were discovered as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries in the year 2004. This article is a form of carbon can be included in batteries of small size and slim at the same time with the knowledge that they have a larger capacity, and supports rapid charging without generating a lot of heat.

However, as is the case with any new technology, your batteries graphene is also extremely expensive. Said Evan Blass that although Samsung may have a physical product that uses this new kind of batteries, however, the company still need to work on increasing their productive capacities and reduce costs associated, but you shouldn’t be surprised if I saw this device in the next year or the following year.

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