Samsung eyeing to launch its smartphone folding in early next year with a screen size of 7 inch


According to insiders on the matter, it appears that Samsung moved on to be the first to ask a smart phone capable of folding the screen one non-fragmented. This should occur at the beginning of next year, the Company believes that this will revitalize the demand for the phones high price.

However, this will not happen immediately. When it becomes the initial model, which carries the codename ” Winner ” in the egg stage, it will be aimed at fans of games first, because this category of audience is less sensitive to price compared with other groups. This will be the phone of at least $ 1,500, this means that it is likely to cost more than that.

Screen phone Samsung folding will keep its size, 7 inches when open, but when folded will become the phone is solvable easily in the hand, at least according to statements made by people who saw the prototype. The screen becomes in the inner part of the folds, but shows part of the screen in the front while the folds of the phone to view notifications, will be the main camera in the ” background “.

It is estimated that Samsung intended to rely more broadly on smartphones folding in the second half of the year 2019, a period where they are supposed to become reasonable prices. And as you can expect, you’ll stand series phones Samsung folding new next series of phones the company’s current high-end, and of course we are talking here about all of the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series.

Officials at the South Korean company that this will be one of the biggest revolutions in the designs of smart phones many years ago, so they made this project a priority of the company.


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