Samsung eyeing to strengthen its dominance of the sector, TVs TVs ” huge ” new

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Samsung has focused in recent years on the TV’s large size it seems that that strategy worked for the company. Analysts say Samsung TV market high-end large size this year. The South Korean company now has access to two of the new brands that indicate that they actually plan to continue this scenario in the future. One of these brands is ” Samsung Giant TV “.

Offering Samsung’s request for the trademark ” Samsung Giant TV ” and ” Samsung Super Size TV ” has the Office of intellectual property and trade marks in the European Union. The information included in applications for these trademarks does not reveal anything, as it does not confirm the upcoming launch of TVs Samsung Mega, but these brands indicate that Samsung is ready to come out with a product that fits this description At some point in the future.

And speaking of TVs, Mega, the Samsung at CES CES 2018, which was held in early January in Las Vegas, USA slide the curtain officially on ” Samsung to The Wall ” which is the first TV The size of a 146-inch and MicroLED. And most likely, you’ve heard about the screens MicroLED as a possible alternative in the future for OLED on smartphones and other devices. It should be noted that the technology MicroLED provides for each pixel its own light so they provide the level of black is perfect with the knowledge that they don’t need a backlight like LCD screens. Moreover, they provide levels of very advanced when it comes to travel, and greater efficiency in power consumption compared to OLED screens the current. It should be noted that Samsung didn’t reveal to us yet about the number of units that will provide with a TV. the ” Samsung The Wall“, as you will be. I will reveal this information in the spring of this year.

The announcement of Samsung about the TV. Mega ” Samsung The Wall ” shows that the South Korean company won’t be ashamed to bring TVs huge to the market. In this case, it is quite logical for the company to apply for the mentioned brands above in case it need to the names to apply to TV and its huge base in the future.


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