Samsung figured out how to control the smartphone without touching the screen

For all its advantages touch screens have their drawbacks. For example, smartphones and tablets it is impossible to use in the cold wearing gloves — with the only exception of the device-enabled glove mode. Touch displays are convenient while driving, however they need to reach out a hand, which increases the risk of an accident. It seems Samsung has figured out how to solve both problems.

The company filed a patent application on a new way to control devices with gestures in the air without having to touch the surface of the screens. The essence of the technology lies in motion sensor that picks up gestures and activates the special mode “UI, Proximity Mode”.

On the idea of a company, movement, up, down, left and right will scroll through and flipping the pages. Covering the screen with your palm and opening it up will allow you to turn on and off the display. Short-term approximation and distancing of the hands will be understood interface such as depression.

According to MySmartPrice, the development of such technology for more than ten years of experience in the Israeli division of Apple. A member of the branch team PrimeSense invented the same control method for personal computers. The development will allow to navigate and to confirm actions using gestures in the air.

Will the new technology be used in future Samsung devices, is still unknown. The company has many patents that still have not been used. For example, in 2017, she patented the breathalyzer, built-in stylus S Pen for Galaxy Note. It was assumed that the feature will be useful for adult users to check the concentration of alcohol in the body before driving a car.

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