Samsung finally reveal about the prices of computers, Samsung Notebook 9 New


Samsung announced about the new generation of the A series computers, Samsung Notebook 9 in the month of December last year, and while it revealed about the technical specifications for these computers are portable, they are not reveal any information about their prices when going to the market. In case if you people who are looking to buy one of the versions of the Samsung Notebook 9 New, you may be happy to know that Samsung revealed to us now about the prices of these new versions which start from$1,200.

A copy of the 13-inch Samsung Notebook 9 Pen can be obtained with the second-generation Processor Intel Core i7 processor, with up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal memory. Moreover, it also includes the screen accurately Full HD, and USB Type-C one, as well as a built-in MicroSD slot, a camera support feature security Windows Hello, and more. This case comes with a detailed and flexible, allowing the user to use it in different modes, and costs about 1400$.

Samsung also sell a version 13 inch Case, Samsung Notebook 9 New without a digital pen S Pen. Can get this version with the Processor Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor priced at 1199$ and 1299$ respectively. Besides, there is another version of this case, the size of a 15 inch with the option to get processor graphics Nvidia GeForce MX150. The price of this version starts from 1299$.

You say Samsung is that these new versions of the Samsung Notebook 9 comes with a ” bigger and stronger ” battery shipped with the laptop, this means that it should on this battery to provide these laptops to the new age of the long-term up to long hours especially if we know that the second generation of Intel Core processors are more efficient in energy consumption.

Generally, a series of computers, Samsung Notebook 9, New will be available for purchase, at least in the United States of America as of February 18. Before concluding, we would like to point out that you can get more details about this Notebook new in this article detailed here.



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