Samsung FIND MY MOBILE update brings new features to


A new update for the Samsung service, FIND MY MOBILE, was monitored by developer Max Weinbach, who reviewed in a recent tweet the features provided by Samsung to improve the user's experience in finding the phone and locating it.

The 'Find My Mobile' feature can provide good support for users to search for or locate a phone, as this feature can support Samsung phone users via a password or PIN code.


The XDA developer indicated in a tweet posted on Twitter, that Samsung has added features to the FIND MY MOBILE application, where the new feature can allow searching for the phone by other users of Galaxy phones.

The screenshot published on Weinbach also confirmed that the next tracking feature will not need to be connected to the Internet, as the user will be able to go to the search page, and Samsung has confirmed that the phone location service will be available to Galaxy phone users.

On the other hand, the application will support users to find smart watches or smart watches that have recently been connected to the phone, and the Galaxy phone is scheduled to appear on another version of the Galaxy phones even when there is no Internet connection.



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