Samsung fined for deliberately understating the performance of their smartphones

Samsung Electronics artificially lower the performance of their smartphones with the release of software updates. To such conclusion experts of the Antimonopoly Committee of Italy, having examined the complaints of the users and comparing them with the grateful testimony of representatives of the company. The actions of the South Korean vendor has caused consumers to frequently change their phones for new ones because they started to lose performance after only a few months after release.

According to information received by representatives of the Antimonopoly Agency, Samsung intentionally made the imbalance in the software of its smartphones. Employees of the company responsible for the underestimation of productivity and disruption of certain functions, realized that committing a wrongful act, punishable by the legislation of the European States. Despite this, they continued to break the law for a long time.

Why you should not install updates on Samsung smartphones

It is noteworthy that the representatives of the agencies charged with Samsung Electronics to blame not the fact of failures of aging devices, and failure to report relevant information to the consumer. In other words, warn the manufacturer of the owners of the proprietary technology of the possible problems that can arise as a result of installing the latest updates, he would have all the chances to avoid fines for a total amount of five million euros.

The same sentence of the Italian antitrust agencies have provided and for Apple. The company is also accused of deliberately slow performance of proprietary smartphones by laying a special mechanism associated with the loss of battery capacity. According to representatives of the Ministry, by their actions, Apple has forced thousands of consumers to buy a new model iPhone, which violated their right to free choice.

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