Samsung focuses on performance rather than design in the Galaxy Note 9

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سامسونج تركز على الأداء بدلًا من التصميم في هاتف Galaxy Note 9

Refer specifications available for Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 9 to the giant South Korean focus on the performance more instead of focusing on the design, where do you think the biggest changes are inside the smartphone, it seems they settled on a final design for its premium Galaxy Note 9, which show the leaked image of the phone its interface is identical design with the interface is the predecessor of Galaxy Note 8, comes the latest leak less than a month before the date of the expected version of the phone, where is supposed to be unveiled at an event on 9 August August next.

And many of the previous leaks about the specifications of the gear available for the phone flagship, including a screen measuring 6.4 inches and accurately 1440×2960 pixels supporting copy display 18.5:9, with processor Samsung Exynos 9810 processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with 6 GB of RAM, and internal storage space of 64 GB the minimum, and it is supposed that the deliberate company to upgrade the camera, as well as the battery capacity, as is likely to be price comparable to the price of the phone Galaxy Note 8 When launched.

It is also expected that the phone includes a camera background of the double accurately 12 megapixel and a front camera accurately 8 megapixel, battery capacity of 4000 mAh, Android oreo, Samsung hopes to avoid a repeat of the same issues faced by its phone flagship last year’s Galaxy Note 8, where the phone problem was in the battery, resulting in the inability of some devices for charging or operating after that is battery drain.

Offers holding company manufacturing smartphones with the same design of the Galaxy Note 9 direction to focus on the updates to the phone’s internal rather than external, with the survival of design homogeneous to a large extent with the other devices of the leading available in the market, leaving aside the issue of innovation in designs to device makers for smaller and emerging companies is similar to what is provided by oppo Chinese via her phone Oppo Find X, which includes three cameras a popup and the identity of the company vivo Vivo Nex S and Vivo Nex A free dialogue with the front camera popup.

Considers the leaked image as a strong affirmation of what will appear on you phone, as illustrating the existence of change of optical few in general, with the note appearance the identical almost with the phone last year, this design includes a screen extending from edge to edge supportive of the concept of Infinity Display, in addition to a limited number of dialogue at the top of the device below it, with no guarantee the bottom edge of any elements, which limited their availability on the top edge, including the front camera of the scanner Iris of the eye and ear, proximity sensor and LED flash.

The mosques Play button on the right side of the phone, with a button assistant Samsung voice bixby Bixby on the left down volume buttons directly, while the whereabouts of the fingerprint reader one of the most design changes expected within the Galaxy Note 9, where this point was controversial in the Galaxy Note 8 to the presence of the sensor on the right rear dual camera, which make it inconvenient to use, presumably to be moved to the bottom of the rear camera, which is supposed to be double.

And Samsung has confirmed earlier that the Galaxy Note 9 will include the third generation of her assistant Digital Voice bixby Bixby 2.0, according to the statements of gray J. Lee Gray G. Lee, the head of research of artificial intelligence in the company during the conference the announcement of Samsung’s vision for artificial intelligence.

This assertion after that explained to DJ Koh, chief executive of the Department of mobile phones at Samsung during the month of February, that the next generation of space their digital shows will probably at the same time the appearance of the phone by the second pilot to 2018, said the head of research of artificial intelligence at Samsung: “the second generation of the digital assistant Bixby 2.0 will appear on the scene with improvements related to its ability to natural language processing, and data in terms of its ability to work in noisy environments, with increased response times to become his ability to think faster.

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