Samsung foldable ” Galaxy F ” appears in the video imagine great


After many years of leaks and rumors, Samsung finally nearing completion of charging the first foldable phone note that is scheduled to happen sometime next year. Revealed the company unveiled a flexible screen that I used it on her smart phone the first folding, also revealed some other details are also important.

Based on all that is known about this phone which will have the name of the Galaxy F, the channel Concept Creator on YouTube recently to move forward the establishment of a video taken of how it will look like a Samsung phone rollaway, and from all angles.

Of course, this is not a leak to the final design of the phone Galaxy F or something else like that, but it is the design of the Imagine, but it looks great. So, let’s just say we don’t mind at all if came phone Samsung folding with a similar design or the most beautiful.

Will use the phone Galaxy F screen, it will have a screen size 4.58 inch on the outside and screen size 7.3 inches on the inside. For the company first, it was speculated that she would strictly 1960 x 840 pixel density pixels up to 420 pixels in every inch, while would have the second screen accurately 1536 x 2152 pixel density of the pixels 420 pixels in every inch.

This phone is folding wouldn’t be the first smart phone by Samsung claims 5G. Alternatively, some sources believe that the company will be launching a new version of the phone Galaxy S10 in the month of March which will support 5G note that the models first Galaxy S10 will support a 4G network only.

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