Samsung: Galaxy Fuld is ready for launch.

Use company Samsung to launch its first smart phones, folding the long-awaited of its price in 1980 dollars, Galaxy Fuld (Galaxy Fold), soon, as revealed by an executive at a company (Samsung Display), a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

And the (Samsung Display) the main provider for companies folding, comes the permit to the chief executive, after having postponed the launch of the phone several times earlier due to a problem with the screen, but it seems that the giant South Korean has managed to solve most of the problems associated with the company.

It was initially planned that the UP Galaxy Fuld to the shelves of American stores and the South Korean during the months of April and May respectively, but expect many units to audit for work after their use has led to call Samsung for the device, and turn off process of all.

Said users: if the screen started to flash and switch to the color black before they become unusable altogether, it is believed that the problems stem from the joint, causing a lot of pressure on the screen.

Said Kim Seung-cheol Kim Seong-cheol, vice president of the company (Samsung Display), in a speech at the Congress held by the organization (KIDS) Korean on 18 June: we have overcome most of the problems with the screen, and your Galaxy Fuld ready to reach the market, without specifying a launch date.

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He added, “I have great expectations for the device, so that they will have the Galaxy Fuld when it was launched a lot of attention in the market.”

It is expected the executive officer in the company (Samsung Display) that the screen technology will play an essential role in the era of the fifth-generation networks, which enable high-speed communications, and the emergence of new types of products, such as tea and extensible.

Did not know Samsung after the statements of the chief executive officer in the company (Samsung Display) – arm and Samsung for tea and continue about the Department of mobile devices to the giant South Korean.

Has speculated that Samsung will launch the phone rollaway in the month of July, before the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, but the company denied this rumor so far, as reported the newspaper The Korea Herald (Korea Herald).

Came the last official word about the fate of the Galaxy Fuld last week, when the company said, it expects the announcement of the launch date in the coming weeks.

This means that the potential buyers wait until July or even later to get your Galaxy Fuld.

Noted previous reports that Samsung will change the design of the hinges of the phone so that there will be no risk of dust.

Has deliberately the company is also to extend the protective layer on the screen of the device to fill the area of the surface as a whole, instead of leaving the space quilt is small, so that it can not remove the protective layer by the users.

A spokesman for Samsung said: We will take measures to strengthen the protection of the screen, and we’ll promote guidelines for the care and use of the screen, including a protective layer, so our clients get the most out of the Galaxy Fuld.

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