Samsung Galaxy Note 10 … all what we expect

Expected to learn company Samsung officially unveiled her smart phone associated with the (Galaxy Note 10) Galaxy Note 10 during the month of August next. This phone is best phones the Korean company in each year, it offers the latest specifications that may make it outperform all the existing phones in the market.

While it is expected to see lots and lots of leaks during the next two months, but we wanted here to share with you our expectations on the Galaxy Note 10:

We mentioned above that Samsung phone associated with the best specifications available in the market currently, including the latest processors Qualcomm (Snapdragon 855), and at least 8 GB of random access memory (RAM), and at least 128 GB of internal storage memory, with support for external memory cards microSD, in addition to a battery with a capacity of not less than 4,000 Milli-amp/ hour.

However; unlike previous years, reported leaks earlier that there will be a Galaxy Note One, but four models; the will of one card with a capacity of 4,500 mAh/ hour, there is another model called 5G, which is similar to what I did with the phone (Galaxy S i), which was launched earlier this year.

Major changes on the cameras.

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Came the model of the fifth generation of the phone (Galaxy S) with four cameras background, compared with last year, which came with two cameras only. So the expected minimum number of cameras (Galaxy Note 10) background 4.

The Samsung has announced in the month of May last on account camera with a 64 megapixel, the technical support to integrate the pixels, which allow the possibility of capturing better pictures in low light, also supports optical zoom 5x. So I expect to see in the Galaxy Note 10.

We also want to see a bigger push by Samsung in the field of (computational photography). And technology (Night Vision) Night Sight from Google of the best current techniques in the field of low light. Although Samsung has improved the export performance in low-light in the phone (Galaxy S Plus), but we always want to see more.

Screen the best.

It is strongly expected that the Samsung uses the design of the screen of your phone (Galaxy S plus) the same phone (Galaxy Note 10), including the front camera within the screen, plus the screen type (super amold) SuperAMOLED. And will likely make the phone (Galaxy Note 10) longer than (Galaxy S plus), similar to what I did with my phone last year: (Galaxy Note 9), and(Galaxy S Plus).

Although the leaked images of the phone (Galaxy Note 10) supports what we have mentioned about the front camera will be within the screen, however this does not prevent to disagree with Samsung that, and a surprise launch of a phone with a camera popup, or a hidden camera under the screen, in order to provide a screen covering the entire reality without any protrusion, or edge.

Given that the screen of the phone (the OnePlus 7 Pro) OnePlus 7 Pro that operate with a frequency of 90 hertz is the industry-Samsung, you may come to screen (Galaxy Note 10) with the support of this high level of frequency, which asks highly lovers of video games on mobile devices.

Shipping, and the electronic S Pen, and more.

Came phone (Galaxy S i) Galaxy S10 5G with charging support able 25 watts, which is what we hope to devote his Samsung (Galaxy Note 10). With regard to with fast wireless charging, is expected to support the company’s own technical (Quick Wireless Charge 2.0).

As expected also, the phone (Galaxy Note 10) will support other technologies found in phones (Galaxy S Plus), including: resistance to water and dust in accordance with the standard (IP68), and the reflection of the fingerprint under the screen, and watch the energy wirelessly (Wireless PowerShare), amplifiers (stereo), in addition of course to the stylus (S Pen), which vary by series phones (Galaxy Note).

It should be noted that the leaks talking about that one or more models (Galaxy Note 10) will not provide port for earbuds. The stylus (S Pen), it is unlikely to have big changes after the improvements added to Samsung in the last year, they added the ability to charge the pen for 30 minutes in just 40 seconds, as it supports 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. However is expected to improve the company’s capabilities to the pen to start applications on the remote.

Decent price and quick updates.

Is expected to launch the Samsung phone she associated with the (Galaxy Note 10) at a starting price of 999 USD, similar to his predecessor. In the case of the police did that, they may attract a lot of consumers who are fed up with prices, phones iPhone expensive.

With regard to updates, saw Samsung has improved compared to previous years, they started with the phone (Galaxy Note 9), and phones (Galaxy s) supporting Project (Project Treble) Google, which speeds up the launch of new updates to the Android system, so expected to have a phone (Galaxy Note 10) this feature also.

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