Samsung Galaxy Note 9 buy only the loyal fans of the line

We continue to tirelessly discuss the last presentation of new products of the company Samsung. Thus, it should be noted that the topics for discussion, not so much. The long-awaited Galaxy Note 9 has been represented, but to talk about it, not what. Samsung didn’t even try to show it as an innovative device with a wide range of new possibilities. The fact that he is not, and will buy it only fans of smartphones Galaxy.

Began the presentation of Samsung with thanks for the loyalty lovers line of smartphones Galaxy Note, who believed in her despite the fact that in 2011, the idea seemed absurd. It is for these people was shown to Galaxy Note 9, in which appeared all they wanted: the battery capacity of 4000 mAh, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 or 512 gigabytes of internal memory. The S-Pen came Bluetooth, and this is also exactly what Galaxy Note users wanted for years.

Add on Galaxy Note 9 absolutely nothing. Everything in it is exactly as good as the Galaxy S9, but nothing really new. For the lack of innovations Huawei already missed your chance to play a trick on Samsung. Get the smartphone that is able to attract only fans of devices from Samsung, and it was the line of Galaxy Note. It was created for the fans of Samsung and the ruler, no one else.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not attract new customers for the company, but if someone wants the best smartphone from Samsung, it will be chosen. To pay for it have not enough, and thus, its purchase should really be loyal to the brand Galaxy. Others will not find large differences between the S line and Note line. Every year they get closer to each other, and are distinguished by their presence in the last pen and the declared value.

If we’re wrong, tell us about your considerations. Would you buy Galaxy Note 9, not as a long-time user of the Samsung devices? For discussions we have a Telegram chat.

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