Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would come screen, 6.4 inch screen and bigger battery!

It seems that Samsung will and Galaxy Note 9 in early this year with further improvements, according to the latest leaks that surfaced on the Chinese network Weibo confirmed information about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 soon, and there is no intention to have the Samsung delay, but she is currently working on further improvements in terms of battery performance and the level of the screen.

Sources reported that Note 9 will come with a screen of 6.4 inches instead of the screen of 6.3 inches, and it is expected to carry a class Note 9 The design of the Infinity Display 2.0, which the company used for Galaxy S9.

There are some guesses that the sensor of the fingerprint will come built-in screen, but there is no evidence yet of this information, has come a sensor network traditional in the background of the device.

جالاكسي نوت 9

Design first for Galaxy Note 9

And speaking of processor, the phone is to adopt Note 9 on the same processors used in the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 two processor Exynos 9810 or processor Snapdragon 845, with the possibility of random access memory “RAM” 6 GB and the memory storage of 128 GB.

The real surprise, in accordance with the arrangements is the battery that Samsung is working on improving it so you can afford the performance of the phone outstanding, it is likely to come battery The size of a 3850 mAh battery or 4000 mAh battery.

I didn’t expect even now any confirmed information about the rest of the technical specifications, but we can be surprised Samsung more improvements .

Share with us your opinion about your experience with Galaxy S9, do you expect further improvements in Note 9 to?

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