Samsung Galaxy S10: Choosing the best ten in the Galaxy

The range of smartphones Galaxy S10 includes three devices (the fourth gadget-enabled 5G networks on the way). And, despite the fact that all smartphones is very attractive and interesting, each of them has its own characteristics, which can play a key role in the purchase. And if you take into account the cost of the devices, these features can help you to save money in front of, or to pay for additional features. Let’s take a closer look at what smartphones Galaxy S10 differ from each other.

Immediately throw aside the most obvious question — the question of price. If you care to spend as little money as possible, but you want to that is representative of the flagship line of Samsung, your choice — the model Galaxy Ѕ10е.

The size of a smartphone

If you have the opportunity, you are highly recommended to personally hold all models of the Galaxy S10. The S10 and S10e are almost identical, but different materials can bring different tactile sensation, but for someone it might be important. At the same time, we must not forget that the S10e’s screen is flat, but S10+ he already has a curved shape. Well, S10+ is clearly larger in size and large smartphones like is not for everyone.

The difference of the specs and functions

Samsung has done considerable work in order to experience the use of smartphone is not very different from model to model. However, there are a few differences that can be decisive for the end user.

For completeness, we will begin to move from the older model to the younger. When comparing the Galaxy S10+ and S10 Galaxy just want to say that in S10 you “lose” 0.3 inches in screen diagonal. Not critical, but it makes the phone smaller and lighter. However, with this engineers had to reduce the size of the battery, leading to much smaller battery capacity (4100 vs. 3400 mAh). Also “suffered” and the camera in the S10 is no double “frontalka” that affects the quality of the pictures is not the best way. However, the more concise the round cutout for the selfie camera in terms of design, someone might like it more than the oval hole in S10+. The rest of the devices are almost identical.

Moving on from S10 to S10e. Losing 0.3 inches diagonally and with this, we obtain more and drop the screen resolution. The screen we have a flat that can be really useful, as holding a smartphone in this case is much better. But S10e lost one of the main features — ultrasound scanner fingerprint. Along with this we lose a bit in battery capacity (S10 it is only 3100 mAh) that can already be a problem for the autonomy of the device. And finally, the “suffering” of the rear camera, which S10e dual, unlike other models. So the picture quality will be slightly worse than the “older brothers”.

And what is the smartphone of the line then you should have chosen you? Share your opinion in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

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