Samsung Galaxy S10 is a good, but flawed

There is no doubt that Samsung makes great smartphones, but before I got a Samsung Galaxy S10, I thought it worthwhile to buy and enjoy a custom experience. In the end, I have adjusted my opinion and are not so clear.

If you are interested in the output, you can immediately otlistat the end of the article. If you’re wondering why I came to the same conclusion — in order to tell


The first thing you notice when opening the box with a smartphone, it’s traditionally rich equipment, familiar to us from previous generations of smartphones in this series.

In addition to the smartphone it includes:

  • power adapter
  • charging cable
  • case
  • headphones AKG
  • adapter USB on USB Type-C

Equipment is definitely a plus of this smartphone, and to say that something else didn’t put in the kit it is not necessary.

First impression

When you take a smartphone in hand for the first time, wonder what it compact. The smartphones of the Galaxy series of the last generations has always been quite small and feels good in hand, but this time the difference between expectations and reality was even greater.

A further contribution to compactness make tapering the edges of the body sides. Due to this, the smartphone appears even thinner and light weight only completes the picture.

Relatively pleased with the location of the camera on the back. Besides the fact that it sticks out only a little, it is still located in the wide module that occupies almost the entire width of the smartphone. Because of this it allows the smartphone to stop rocking when he is on the table.

Not without its cons in that decision. When shooting photos or video in certain ways to grip the camera modules are closed with your fingers. In the end, you have to change the grip to open the camera and there are prints.

Another point, which I definitely did not like is the Power button is too high to be considered comfortable. To her have to stretch and it spoils all the impression of the overall ease of the body.


The display has a diagonal of 6.1 inches, and of course, it’s AMOLED. I don’t always liked Samsung screens due to their excessive brightness and, I think, unrealistic. In this model, the screen is on the verge of my preferences. But I can’t help but note its brightness. To use it comfortably on the street, but indoors it seemed to me that it is easier on the eyes. Although, it’s all very subjective and personal.

From the factory, glued to the screen protective film. This is a plus because under it, no bubbles and excess inclusions. The disadvantage is that it is not fully covers the side faces, and when you swipe from the edge of the screen is very strongly felt. Sometimes it is able to deliver mild discomfort.


Depending on the market where it is planned to implement smartphone, it comes with two different types of processors. The user will get Exynos or Snapdragon 855 9820. For the processor, no need to worry, as both options are perfectly cope with its task and does not hurt to use the device in everyday life. The most demanding gamers may notice the slight variations in frame rate, but 99.9 percent of users will not notice anything.

RAM in Galaxy S10 will be 8 GB, and built-in 128 GB. Memory cards are supported, so if the memory you will need more, it won’t be a problem.


Camera Samsung Galaxy S10 is an example of how you can make a good camera, which hardly sticks out from the body. Let then Apple and Huawei tell that it’s impossible.

Called camera genius fails. If you compare it, for example, Huawei P30 Pro in daytime conditions, clear leader to reveal will not work, since they shoot about the same. The only difference is that Huawei a little less wrong with the white balance.

When shooting at night the Chinese would clearly win, but this is to thank a special processing algorithms and specialty options that allow you to take good pictures at night. The degree of bulging of the camera here does not matter.

Video the big questions no. But front camera would not hurt to be a little more wide angle.

Portrait mode the front camera

Modules resolution main camera is 12 MP, 16 MP and 12 MP, and modules allow you to lead a normal shot, wide angle shot and zoom. This arrangement in my opinion is the most comfortable for daily use.

Wide angle module

The main module

The body module

The originals can be downloaded at this link


The main unpleasant feature of the smartphone, in my opinion, is the screen a fingerprint scanner. It is not just bad works — it seldom works.

In order that it is normally scanned finger, you will need to apply it with a certain force and as accurately as possible in the marked area. At the moment it’s the worst fingerprint scanner in the screen, I’ve tried and tried I’m not a little smartphone. Among them were almost all mass-produced smartphones that support this feature. Even the new OnePlus 7 Pro, about which I will speak.

Another unpleasant feature for me was the inability to immediately determine where is the front camera. When doing selfie, it does not always work immediately Orient where to look. I think it would be worth to highlight. For example, when the front camera only run around the eye runs over the white line. I don’t understand why not to leave it lit until the front facing camera is active.

Another individual disadvantage would be that the main camera has the ability to get dirty. About what I said above, not going into detail.

The results

In the end, we have a smartphone which has a lot of indisputable advantages and strengths, but is not deprived of disadvantages. Thus, in my opinion, the disadvantages are substantial for a smartphone, with the official price of 70000 rubles.

For the money I definitely would not advise to buy it. At this price the best option would be buying a previous generation Galaxy for a significantly lower cost.

There is another option. For example, our friends in the store BoomMarket to this and other smartphones , the price will be significantly lower and will allow a different approach to the choice of the smartphone. Otherwise, I would not overpay for Galaxy S10 and would choose the previous generation, or even another smartphone.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S10

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