Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ took first place in the ranking of Consumer Reports

The magazine Consumer Reports put the Galaxy S9 in the first place in the list of the best smartphones. Last Galaxy Galaxy S7 and S8 also has headed a rating of the best smartphones Consumer Reports.

The company noted that Samsung has managed to significantly increase the durability of the device. The guys from Consumer Reports conducted a lot of tests, throwing the device over a thousand times.

As the Galaxy S8 and S9 Galaxy, made of glass, but the S8 in a similar test failed after 50 drops, whereas S9 had received only minor damage. It should be noted that the display S9 Plus it broke down after 100 drops.

Colleagues from Consumer Reports said high-performance Galaxy S9. Resulting in faster application startup, faster loading of Web pages. The magazine also noted stereo speakers, and more convenient location of the fingerprint scanner.

Cons of Consumer Reports have identified excessive definition photographs as well as a weak autonomy. Regarding the autonomy of the indignation expressed by some Russian bloggers, among them Ilya Kazakov.

If any of the readers and the owners of the flagship Samsung? Do you agree with the opinion of Consumer Reports?

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