Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – pros and cons

I decided to tell you about Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but realized that you just have to knock out the pros and cons, because to talk about the case and first impressions does not make sense. First, I already did in the day of the presentation, and secondly, we have a review of Samsung Galaxy S8. So tell us about the S9 and S9 Plus from the point of view of zapilivanie S8, and also in the context of comparisons with other flagships.

Video Review Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Start with the pros, which are much greater than the disadvantages. And, looking ahead, the majority of cons is rather subjective, in that time, as the advantages are obvious.

Pros SGS9+

1. 3.5 mm Jack

Most likely, this is the last of the Galaxy S series with him, this much can be forgiven. And although I don’t use wired headphones, sometimes the lack of this connector puts in a stupor. For example, when I want to connect a favorite headphones and charge your smartphone simultaneously. There are other cases. And in General, Yes, I’m stoked for the future – besprovodnoy at all, but the fact remains, there is this connector doesn’t bother anyone, and many will by the way.

2. Headphones included

Included is the exact same headset from AKG, like a year ago in S8. Yeah, not the gold standard in General, but among all other smartphones – clearly the best. In addition, many stopped to pick up the smartphone headsets, and here and good. Yes, you can say that without them it would be cheaper, but it is not so, the difference would be so minimal that it is better to let the headset will be. And they sound very nice.

3. Stereo speakers, and quality

This is one of the advantages compared to the previous generation. Today, a smartphone with a speaker that looks losing, with two the sound is much more abrupt and voluminous, especially in games. Besides, it’s hard to accidentally close both speakers, but more importantly still, it is a stereo effect, which even at this size present. Location everything as in the iPhone and Huawei: main speaker from the bottom, second combined with conversational.

4. Top iron

S9 as before there are two versions, with a processor of its own design – 9810 Exynos Octa with graphics Mali-G72 MP18 or 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon and Adreno graphics 630. Version with Qualcomm will be sold in the United States and China. Memory model large 6 GB memory can be 64, 128 or 256 GB, expandable with memory cards up to 400 GB. That is, the last thing only invented and it was good. I am glad that in the performance of the smartphone is not obsolete too quickly, so buying a smartphone today, it is not obsolete and in two years. We should also add here Bluetooth 5.0 and USB Type-C 3.1.

5. Perfect screen

Samsung has always been a good display for its time, in S9, according to Display Mate. The screen is gorgeous, nothing to add or take. In my version of the diagonal of 6.2″, 1440 x 2960 pixels, pixel density of 529 per inch. I wanted flat screen, rounded edges – it is beautiful, but for me personally it is not convenient.

6. Connector for memory card

Samsung has made the most versatile device, about the memory card slot is also not forgotten. You can insert a card of up to 400 GB. It adds freedom of action, for example, it would be better to dump the 256 GB version of the film on action camera with Micro SD card.

7. Slots for two SIM cards

Instead of the memory card you can insert a second SIM card, there is already someone that is more than necessary. In any case, if you imagine the Pixel 2 XL or iPhone X, in the first case, there is even a version with built-in 256 GB, not to mention the memory card and the second SIM, and the iPhone only version on 256 to take, but also without buns.

8. IP68

Protection from moisture and dust today are almost all top (and not) devices, but not mention her be, it is very useful option.

9. Awesome posts

Starting in the sixth generation Galaxy S, Samsung has revised its policy concerning the tactile and visual characteristics of smartphones, now there is only glass and metal. The Assembly, as is already usual, excellent.

10. Gorgeous camera

The novelty has one of the best camera systems on the market, especially in S9 Plus, as I have. There are two main camera 12 MP, one with a variable aperture of f/1.5-2.4 and the equivalent focal length is 26mm. The sensor size is 1/2.55″, a single pixel 1.4 µm. Second camera – telephoto with a focal length of 52 mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.4. Sensor size 1/3.6″, and a single pixel of 1 µm.

About the camera already has a review on cadre, view, all told.

Cons SGS9+

1. The design is almost not updated

And Yes, he’s still cute and silly to blame the smartphone for a small number of changes. Some four years nothing changes and nothing. But then the design became worse, as for me, compared to the predecessor. The upper frame strongly stands out compared to the bottom, which creates a visual discomfort. And Yes, the smartphone in height became less, but the difference between the top and bottom part of it hurts my eyes.

2. The location of the connectors on the bottom

In continuation of the previous point – the absence of any logic in the arrangement of the elements below. Here the inconsistency is wild and it looks weird anyway. And Yes, I know about the two theories: connector Type-C is offset towards the bottom due to VR, or when the smartphone is charging lying on the Desk, pressing the wire, it is not raised. Damn, well the second at all far-fetched and sounds funny why others have no problem with this? VR – maybe, but what percentage of people that bought the S7, S8, S9 Note 8 and use it? I think 10 percent. That is, 100% of users smartphone, Samsung prefers 10%, and let others look at curve connector. Well, okay, with other holes of the same was not hit, so, I think, another reason.

3. A separate button Bixby

Well, this is a separate issue, I still don’t redeem why the smartphone is key for the assistant, especially if some markets, like ours, it is not working fully? With Russian Bixby is not very friendly, and reassign a key to something useful by standard means impossible.

4. On-screen buttons

In almost frameless smartphone, Samsung still refuses on-screen function keys. Yes, they are Pixel, but it’s Android, you can gesture to make friends with your smartphone. Though, in retrospect, Samsung S7, the company loves the last to abandon the outdated controls.

5. Variable aperture

Yes, it is one of the main pieces of the smartphone, but the application is extremely small. In fact, they are one, and not something about which you, probably thought. At the closed diaphragm value of 2.4, the lights or the sun will cool glare as adult cells. Other smartphones can’t do, and that’s really cool. But neither the increase of field day, no more blur, no strong changes in the amount of light I had not noticed.

It all certainly is, but it is very low and is clearly insufficient for a freestanding mechanism. However, I’m not saying that we should forget about this opportunity, it can be done cool, if done, for example, two, and three steps closure of the diaphragm, 1.5 to, 2.4 GHz and 5.6. In this case, the difference is really noticeable.

Examples photo. The first aperture f1,5, f2 the second,4

Well, some tests. If you haven’t heard, we launched a new channelon which to collect tests from all devices that pass through us, called Checkedd. Now we are not going to say that autonomy is enough, the rest of the day survives. We have accurate information, how much smartphone lives in a certain mode. And so, in one hour of playing Full HD videos in VLC smartphone used 10% charge. Hour YouTube with WiFi connection, spent 11%. Per hour of game play in Temple Run 2 spend 17%. 10 minutes of video recording in Full HD takes 5%. But most importantly, with a rather great activity you can count on 6 hours of screen and more, we have after the big test was still 4%. All tests were conducted at maximum brightness

Charging your smartphone from 0 to 100 in 1 hour 44 minutes. In 15 minutes we get 19% 30 – 36%. For the first hour the battery is charged at 74%.


According to the benchmarks the smartphone is one of the fastest on the market.

  • Antutu – 227362
  • 4 GeekBench (CPU Single/Multi | Compute) – 2780/8755 | 6176
  • 3DMark – 3302
  • A1 SD Bench (ROM / RAM) – ROM Read 670.42 / Write 213.12, RAM 12589.18

In the end, we can say the following: you S9 may like, may not like, but in fact, it is the most technologically advanced smartphone at this point, which has all the best from the world of smart devices:

  • quality housing
  • one of the best displays
  • top iron
  • the memory card slot
  • two slots for SIM cards
  • protection from moisture and dust
  • some of the best cameras
  • fast charging
  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • stereo speakers
  • wireless charging
  • the biggest number of ways to unlock
  • excellent package

So if you want a really uncompromising combine of technologies and opportunities – you just here. I definitely like the smartphone, yet it is the most technologically advanced. But I will not say that I wanted to sell and iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL to buy it and the reason, oddly enough, it is in the design. Yes, the scanner is now correctly positioned, but the bottom of the smartphone and the top frame I’m a little confused. If you don’t, you don’t listen to no one and can safely buy the S9 Plus.

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