Samsung Galaxy Watch: the opinion of almost real clocks

When the smart watch is not only functional but also look good, they begin to attract more and more attention. The Apple Watch look good, but there is a clock that retained the brutality of classic and technology of the modern gadget. That’s only if they are good?

In the world produces a large number of smart watches — from the most inexpensive for a couple of thousand attempts to TAG Heuer to gain a foothold in this field, who were unable to find a significant response in the hearts of the buyer. Despite this, the direction is successfully developing, and various brands continue to release their version of this wearable device.

It should be noted that manufacturers have a definite commitment regarding the shape of the hull. The vast majority of cases, this is determined by the operating system and a vision of how it should look like this accessory. In this matter there are those who are right or wrong. It all comes down to personal preference. A regular watch is also available with round, square, rectangular and even triangular enclosure. For example, HAMILTON watches from the collection the Ventura QUARTZ is renowned for the film “Men in black”.

Watch, about which we are going to discuss today is not a novelty, but they still arouse great interest among existing and potential users. Compare them with Apple Watch difficult, as the decision from Apple is too kind of gadget. But among the rest of the watches Samsung Galaxy Watch stand out.

First and foremost, of course is to tell about the appearance and some features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Among them, as I wrote above, the design, the most similar with a serious chronometer. Body heavy, sits in the hand well and confidently. It was like the old classics.

Customize the appearance further emphasizes this feeling. Among the proposed choice of dials many which at a cursory glance allow you to believe that this is a real watch and not a wearable gadget.

If desired, the strap can be replaced by any other. Thank you for this universal mount. But the supplied strap does not cause rejection. Rubber, of which it is made, quality, reasonably flexible and allows you to use your watch for a long time without feelings of discomfort. Fatigue will most likely cause the size of the case, but it’s not for everybody.

This is especially true of sleep. The watch can control the dream and record his performance for later analysis. I tried to do it, but I was very uncomfortable. The case, pleasant in normal times, very disturbing at night. I am convinced that you can sleep high in a small bracelet, like the Mi Band, but nothing more.

The best hour for me was the bezel, which turns with a very comfortable response. It is crisp but soft. Due to this clock not only convenient, but nice. Sometimes you even catch yourself thinking that this twist bezel just for the sake of the process. In this respect, nothing has changed in comparison with the S3 series. The watch was also equipped with such bezel.

Response menu movement bezel immediate. Thus, not only the bezel works quickly. Performance hours no issues. Some applications run a little longer, but it does not cause significant discomfort. Behind this performance is to thank rather serious hardware hours. In this question the numbers did not really say, but several characteristics can lead:

  • the CPU Exinos 9110, 10 nm of 1.15 GHz
  • RAM 0.75 GB
  • ROM 4 GB (user available approximately 2.5 GB)

Referred to above 2.5 GB of free memory, you can download music and listen to it directly from a watch, but I didn’t like and I chose to write this volume free.

If you still have the option of listening to music with hours, you can forget about a good hours of autonomy. Built-in battery has a capacity of 472 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this allows the clock to work up to 168 hours. The key word here “up.” In my case rarely gets to hang on to three days. In the training mode the energy went even faster. Even the dark theme is not saved, although the Super AMOLED display was supposed to contribute to it.

The screen itself has a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. This is enough for comfortable use and even small items that hit Tizen is read perfectly. To the brightness of the same questions asked — automatically adjusts works very well. The screen lit exactly as it needs.

For protecting the screen is Gorilla glass DX+. In fact, it’s the same Gorilla Glass 6, but it is positioned for hours. Although the creators say that it cannot be used in smartphones.

It turns out, the watch can be called protected? Of course Yes! In addition to excellent glass, they are protected by standard ip68, which allows not to worry for them even in the most severe conditions. I have swam in this watch, and for them it was not some serious challenge.

More about the reliability of the hours says their compliance with military standard MIL-STD-810G. It is an army standard, which confirms the maximum reliability of the device that corresponds to it. Based on this, the Samsung Galaxy Watch can even be purchased by the U.S. army. The presence of this standard is mandatory for such purchases. But why such protection is a normal user is not very clear. Apparently, in order to not afraid to go Hiking and to go to extreme travel.

For Hiking and travel you can install a separate app that will track the activity, or, conversely, to give useful information. For example, the database already has a barometer and an altimeter to determine height above sea level.

At the same time, with hours to talk. The level of the microphone and the speaker volume is comparable to the Apple Watch. That is to say you can, but consider this method of communication major would be a bit strange. I resorted to this method of communication when the phone was away and it was awkward for him to pull. For example, when I was busy with something. In other cases it is better to go for the phone even in the next room. Speak out is clearly better. Although some users say that the microphone and speaker are working fine. Perhaps a matter of taste, but it is likely that my hours don’t work very well.

But the answers to the messages implemented better than any of those hours with which I was dealing. You can not only dictate the answer, but to enter it on the onscreen keyboard, although it’s still fun. If the answer is supposed to be monosyllabic, then the best option will be the prepared answers, which are automatically sorted depending on content. Returning to the Apple Watch, I note that in comparison with these hours there this feature is implemented is just awful.

In the end, I decided that the Samsung Galaxy Watch are a great option, but not every day. They look good, nice to sit and even attract attention, but they are absolutely not suitable for sports. Even while Cycling I take them off. Sleep in them, too uncomfortable. For such problems it is better to buy a separate bracelet. Although, here too all individually, but still, there are more versatile options If you want it versatility, you should pay attention to other models and to sacrifice some of the advantages of Galaxy Watch. If you are willing to use two devices, this watch should definitely be in your collection of gadgets. And who knows, maybe for you they are universal and you even get used to sleep. I couldn’t.

Left Huawei Watch GT 42 mm, right Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm

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