Samsung Game Launcher starts making games instantly available without downloading

The Game Launcher application from Samsung is a major application for players who own phones from the Korean company, this application is used in many uses, the most important of which is the containment and organization of games, giving you statistics about hours of play, as well as controlling energy savings while playing and more features that appear during the game itself such as blocking notifications And here is the application receiving a new feature waiting for it, which is Instant Games. Game Launcher app

Samsung's Game Launcher app launches Instant Games feature

The new update from the application, which carries the new feature is update v4.3.02.6, which you can download externally or update directly through the Galaxy Store – we recommend, of course, to update from the store – and in addition to the instant games feature, the application began to provide additional features, the most important of which is a separate tab for notifications For games.

The games currently available are Basketball FRVR, Drag Race FRVR, Gold Train FRVR, and Hex FRVR which are all of them. As you can see from the development of FRVR, it seems that there is cooperation between them and Samsung, but you can expect the app to start receiving many games in the coming weeks. , Due to the ease of development of this type of games.

Game Launcher app

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You can run any game directly by pressing the "Play" button, which will work directly without downloading or installing, just like the Google Play Games application or those games on Facebook, and Samsung has stated that it has carefully chosen games to suit all ages, but does not raise your expectations, These games are only light games for fun and will often have repetitive stages.

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