Samsung get the authentication screen OLED unbreakable

سامسونج تحصل على مصادقة لشاشة OLED غير قابلة للكسر

Samsung announced the big leap into the world of OLED screens detects a new screen virtually unbreakable, and the company received approval from the world Safety organization Underwriters Laboratories concerned in such matters on the safety of use.

The company said that the new screen contains the same properties of normal monitors, but they are made of a type of reinforced plastic that is formed with the glass in the clarity and lightness which is what gives the screen the ability to crease and bend as far as possible without any break.

According to tests conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, the screen passed all the tests necessary to all efficient, for example; it was shot down from a distance of 1.2 meters 26 times in a row without problems, as it was placed in a temperature of 71 ° C without any damage, in addition to temperature -32 efficiently. As the screen continued to work in a normal way during all tests.

Recall that those tests that have undergone no screen think military tests of basic developed by the US Department of Defense.

To emphasize the power of the screen in front of everyone, the company move in front of everyone after 1.8 metres, and then appeared the screen naturally and not be affected by its work.

And learn Samsung for an appointment ask the screen to use, but it is talked about that the screen will be dedicated to smart phones, tablet devices, gaming devices, hardware, educational computers, as well as phones used militarily.

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