Samsung gets the award for the best innovation to the capabilities of Wi-Fi on the Galaxy S10!

Samsung received the award for the best innovation of Wi-Fi the “Best Wi-Fi Innovation Award” by the alliance of Wireless Networks “Wireless Broadband Alliance” about the capabilities of the Wi-Fi connection on her phone flagship Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10 first smart phone wins this award, in support S10 Wi-Fi networks 6 new features Wi-Fi Smart.

سامسونج تحصد جائزة أفضل ابتكار لقدرات Wi-Fi على جالكسي S10Samsung gets the award for the best innovation to the capabilities of Wi-Fi on the Galaxy S10

Available features Wi-Fi Smart already on the devices Galaxy leading in general, and not only on Galaxy devices S10, but support Wi-Fi, 6 is the most recognizable where the S10 was the first phone offers this feature, which we find on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Fold devices for iPhone New also.

And about Wi-Fi smartphone Samsung is, that this feature relies on machine learning “machine learning” to ensure the Wi-Fi connection smart and secure for users, and show the company that this feature can detect the presence of suspicious activity on the WiFi network and the user.

In addition to running the Wi-Fi automatically when the user is in the upright position in which the Wi-Fi repeatedly (like your home or your office), and switch to mobile data when connected to Wi-Fi is not strong enough, Samsung says that the Wi-Fi smartphone called the Galaxy S10 detects more quickly the rumors about the Wi-Fi weaker inside the elevator.

As for the call to the Wi-Fi network 6 or the previous generation of Wi-Fi networks, has been launched officially in September last, only that the Galaxy S10 was named this technique already before the launch of the service officially months many, to become the first smart phone he holds to the highest standards of Wi-Fi.

Provides Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11 ax, as it is called technically, a faster data transfer rate of up to 20 percent of the Wi-Fi 5 (or 802.11 ac, which is what I think we have all Wi-Fi 5 GHz), as well as provide a new technology of battery consumption, coupled with better performance in crowded places, wide open spaces, thanks to its speed high and coverage possible.

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