Samsung has design the screen expands and fear

Became patents for inventions is an important part of the business sector, and in the smart phone industry, Samsung is one of the more companies access to patents, it seems that the most recent was about a phone with a screen stretch, and fear.

Samsung foldback phone media controls

This leaked images from a patent earlier this month after a Korean company to obtain it through the World Intellectual Property Organization during the month of March last, where the description of the patent for the presence of a flexible screen on the phone can be extended up and back to cover the upper part of the background of the phone to come out the top of the screen.

Samsung foldback phone normal photo

The picture show the patent to use the rear screen on a specific body optical when capturing a person’s image for yourself, and when you capture a traditional photo, works the front part are visual, while the screen background is also the body that are the focus in the Visual as in the first image, it can also show the screen to the back of the body different from what is filmed, like a bird in order to get the attention of the baby during imaging in the second picture.

Samsung foldback phone selfie photo

Although there is no dedicated button to capture the image of the character across the screen in the background, users can simply touch the Home screen, and you can also of course turn the volume buttons to the buttons of the camera as is now the case.

In addition, the possible use of part of the collapsible screen as the buttons control different media to display the notifications also.

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