Samsung has fun speed iPhone X new is

It is known that the Galaxy S9 is able to provide a higher speed for LTE than iPhone X. On this fact and decided to play the marketing managers of the company Samsung, releasing a new ad in which Apple’s flagship smartphone looks like a real outsider.

Which is faster: iPhone X or Galaxy S9

The plot of the film unfolds in one of the Apple Store, where the main character came for “the fastest smartphone” in the world. To her question about whether iPhone X to provide the high speed of LTE networks, sales assistant hesitantly replies that he is faster the iPhone 8.

“But it [iPhone X] speed is lower than the Galaxy S9? — says the heroine and receiving in return only the silence of the seller, a disappointed finish. — But I thought it was the smartphone of the future.” All the seller could tell she was bashful grimace, indicating his willingness to accept this fact.

iPhone and Samsung

The theme of the superiority of the Galaxy over the iPhone is a favorite theme Samsung, used when shooting commercials. Using a comparative technique, marketing companies demonstrate the advantages of branded products, bringing to their work their full attention.

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