Samsung has improved the picture quality from the front camera of Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Android 9 Pie

The developers at Samsung Electronics have improved the quality of selfie shots on the front camera Galaxy S9 and S9+, Android 9 Pie. It follows from the content of the list of innovations contained in the beta version of the update, which became available for download today at noon. Now, the developers promise, the photos will turn out sharper and with less aberrations, even when shooting in low-light conditions.

Most likely, the developers managed to improve the photo quality on the front camera Galaxy S9 and S9+, using algorithms similar to those that are responsible for the operation of the Night Sight mode. Thanks to him, the smartphones actual Pixel generation is doing awesome bright pictures even in the dark. This became possible due to the addition of support of artificial intelligence; it brightens the separate pieces of the frame, which, however, does not become any less natural.

When will Android 9 Pie for Galaxy S9

Today Samsung announced the launch of a beta testing program Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 9. It was planned to make another presentation on September 7, however, according to industry sources, something went wrong and the Koreans were forced to postpone the launch. Probably for the same reason, the pre-Assembly of upgrade for Galaxy Note 9 is available in significantly fewer countries than a similar version for Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Despite the problems faced by the manufacturer, the release of the final version of the Android Pie 9 for the flagship Samsung smartphone will take place in January. Over the next eighteen months to two months it is planned to test the update for bugs and also add several new features. What it will feature, developers have not yet tell.

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