Samsung has introduced a new technology for the acceleration of smartphones

Samsung Electronics announced the release of the 8-Gigabyte memory chips LPDDR5 performed for 10-nm process technology. The representatives of the company told on the pages of your blog. The new solution will provide a significant increase of processing speed with overall reduced energy consumption.


According to representatives of Samsung, the chip LPDDR5 process data at a speed of up to 6400 Mbit/s. time and a half increase compared to the chips LPDDR4X will provide the opportunity for more effective processing functions of neural networks, as well as faster to take pictures and videos in Ultra HD format.

Energy efficiency

In addition, according to the manufacturer, LPDDR5 chips consume a third less energy under load and less than half in standby. This was possible thanks to the new deep sleep mode allows to avoid constant rewriting cells with the value “0” in each of them.

Galaxy S10 — the first mobile LPDDR5

It is expected that the first smartphone with a memory standard LPDDR5 will be the Galaxy S10, whose release is planned for early next year. By the time Samsung Electronics will have time to establish a large-scale production of the new chip, offering consumers a serious performance boost.

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