Samsung has lowered the official price Galaxy S8 in Russia

The Russian division of Samsung Electronics has lowered the official price of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in anticipation of the August release of Galaxy Note 9, convinced Now last year’s flagship can be purchased ranging from 42 990 rubles for the model in the basic configuration.

As the analysis of proposals in the domestic market, conducted the decline affected both branded online store, Samsung Electronics, and retail partner of the manufacturer, which yesterday the price was 4000 rubles above.

Buy cheap Galaxy S8

Despite almost a ten percent discount, which happened shortly before the release of Galaxy Note 9, the official retail is still far from “gray”. As previously reported, Galaxy S8, imported into Russia bypassing official channels of supply, you can buy a third cheaper.

Buying a smartphone in informal retail, in addition to the joy of low prices, can bring problems with service. Because “gray” devices don’t have official certification, and ineligible for warranty service, the burden of repairs falls on the buyer.

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