Samsung has published three humorous video about iPhone

First came the video, which Samsung insisted that LTE in the iPhone X is slower than Galaxy S9. Then was released three videos in the campaign Ingenious. They ridiculed the need to purchase adapters, weak ratings of pictures from the iPhone camera and lack of quick charging. Was released three humorous commercials from Samsung.

It is worth noting that the video advertising campaign Ingenious really funny and well shot. The actor who plays Apple Store, copes with his role. In addition, humorous accusations by the smartphone manufacturer from South Korea to address iPhone X can be called fair.

Many of our readers in the comments to previously posted the video said that they liked the videos. There were those who condemned an advertising campaign by Samsung for the fact that it is entirely based on the product from Apple, but this does not prevent us to see a new batch of funny jokes about the iPhone.

In three new videos Samsung pokes fun at “Bang”, the lack of slot for memory cards microSD and the lack of mnogokanalnosti in iOS for iPhone. And here are videos:

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