Samsung has released an update for Galaxy S10 with features Galaxy S20

Samsung is a great example of how large and unwieldy the manufacturer promptly embarked on a new track and radically changed its business strategy. After all if earlier for Koreans there was only the flagship smartphones in the last couple of years from this principle was abandoned with the subsequent shift to low-cost segment of the market and greater support from the leaders of previous generations. The decision to expand the capabilities of last year’s Galaxy S10 some of the features that were previously only available to owners of the flagships of the current generation, is one of the ways of implementation of plans Samsung.

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Samsung has released a firmware update One UI for lines and Galaxy S10 Galaxy Note 10 with the Galaxy S20 functions. The update weighs around 1.5 GB as it contains quite a lot of innovations and fixes, although most of them focus, of course, around photos and videos. After all, the camera today is flamencopolis element of any apparatus from the upper price segment. And Galaxy S10, though seriously depreciated in recent time, leaders, and like it or not, is most relevant.

How to remove all camera Galaxy S10

Mode “multi-shot” allows you to use all the smartphone’s camera

The first innovation, which chose to Express itself Samsung, was the mode multicatalog shooting. It allows you to keep photo and video on all cameras at once: the telephoto, shirik, ultrasonic and if there is even a macro lens. When shooting is finished, your smartphone will automatically prompt you to choose the best shot or video, remove all other. It’s just a great feature that on iPhone, by the way, only available in third party apps, and Galaxy – in the standard.

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Besides the fact that all photos and videos recorded on different cameras, the mode “multi-shot” allows you to make several samples of each of them. That is, the user will have a lot more options from which to choose the best. In order to test how the innovation you need to activate the Camera app, enable “multi-shot” and hold down the shutter button for 3-10 seconds to make several consecutive photographs, from which you can select those that you like most.

What is hypermaps and how to eat to remove

Of video on the Galaxy S10 has expanded considerably

In the latest update, Samsung has also expanded the capabilities night mode, adding the function of shooting Hyper lapses. This is the same as timelapse, but in motion. Now users lines S10 and Galaxy Note 10 will be able to fast-track action shot even in low-light conditions. The output should result in a better quality video with a clearly distinguishable subjects. True, so the result is the highest quality, you need to get a tripod or other device for firm attachment of the smartphone.

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Professional shooting mode, too, has undergone a number of changes. The Samsung developers have given users even more scope for creativity, allowing them to adjust the indicators of exposure, aperture and other parameters as they deem fit, for the video that was previously only available for photos. Well, the icing on the cake was the mode of shooting in 4K at 60 frames per second on the front camera. Photo module, which are equipped with S10 and Galaxy Note 10, allowing to do it from the start, but Samsung chose to delay the implementation of this function for more than a year. But as they say, better late than never.

How to group photos in the Gallery

The Clean View mode allows you to simply access all photo folders

In a regular Gallery, there was a possibility of grouping the same or similar images. It is useful if you want to leave all the footage in the “multi-shot”. The function groups will identify similar photos and videos and combine them into a single folder. Simply click on a special button, which appeared in the application interface. This will free up space in the “Gallery” for easy and quick orientation among the new or old photos and videos.

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Cropping images can be automatic

And in case you took a shot in ultrawide angle, and then decided that the edges of the subject too much free space, you can quickly trim off the excess. To the Gallery added a Quick Crop. This is a special button that will appear on the screen when you open a photo. Pressing it will automatically detect the subject and bring it into the dominant of a minor and meaningless element of a frame, which, if improper care, it was possible not to notice.

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I really like the Samsung approach to supporting their smartphones of previous generations. Moreover, the Koreans spread functions of newer models, and provide regular security patches. After this update, which is already available in some European countries and North America, also contains the April update Android security, which is quite surprising, given that Google itself will release him after a fortnight – towards the end of the first week of April.

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