Samsung has released an update for Galaxy S10 with features Note 10

Despite the identical specs of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note has always been positioned as radically different. Samsung not only tried to spread their releases on time, separating one from another presentation in about six months, and expanded the functionality of the Galaxy Note models compared to phones Galaxy S. Therefore, those who wanted a brand new flagship in early, bought a classic smartphones, but those who waited a maximum of bells and whistles, waiting for the launch of new phablets with pen support. Over time, however, Samsung came to the conclusion that such segregation plays her hand, and therefore start to release updates, equalizing the functionality of both product lines.

Galaxy S10 has become the Galaxy Note 10. Apparently, only them it is not enough

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Today Samsung has released an update for the entire line of Galaxy S10, which brings to its work a number of new features, previously available only to owners of Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. Despite the fact that these innovations do not change the system radically, they make it easier to use, making it more convenient and easy.

Smart search on the photos

Smart search on the photos allows you to search for images with any objects

Added Samsung firmware Galaxy S10 function support smart search on the photos. Now in the normal gallery app has the opportunity to drive a search string in the name of the picture object and the trained algorithms will find all the pictures that match the query. Thus it is possible to look for photos with animals, children, family members, snapshots from vacations, with weekend cottages and all sorts of holidays. In addition, the same algorithms responsible for finding music, videos, movies, TV series and other files saved in the smartphone’s memory.

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The Samsung developers have perfected the quick access toolbar, and now you can easily control other devices using only your smartphone. It can be televisions, washing machines, equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, refrigerators, as well as more simple techniques.

Galaxy S10 turned into a universal remote control any device

Work with third-party electronics made easier with Auto Hotspot. In fact, this is the advanced version of personal hotspot, which allows the devices associated with one account, connect to it automatically without having to enter a password.

Installation video for Galaxy S10

In addition, Samsung has proven that the edit and drawing on the smartphone screen, perhaps even without smart Pen S Pen, which is equipped with Galaxy Note 10. In this update the developers added in firmware devices Galaxy S10 with the opportunity to modify the videos, add various effects and turn them into short films in mixed reality thanks to the support of AR Ludlow. It turns out that now the users of Galaxy S10 for mounting’t even need a computer or external peripherals.

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Obviously, this update is an interim and precedes the release of Android 10. Despite the fact that while Samsung has not announced the exact release date of new version operating system, we would advise you to focus on the end of November – beginning of December. In any case, Samsung usually requires no more than four stages of beta testing before releasing this important update, and therefore must assume that the time until X day were not so much.

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