Samsung has sold 2 million phone supports the networks of the fifth generation

Managed the South Korean company Samsung from the sale of 2 billion smart phone and supportive to provide 5G this year, as revealed by JuneHee Lee, senior vice president of the company, during the IFA conference currently scheduled in Berlin, Germany.

With the launch of the phones said the taxi Fuld 5G midwife pay tribute and said the taxi A90 5G markets, the company expects to double this figure by year-end, due to the timing of the great demand on the phone the midwife to bending and the phone said taxi A90 5G under the category of phones medium specifications.

This is a big achievement considering the fact that Samsung doesn’t have a lot of phones support networks of the fifth generation in the market. The launch of the first phone to support this network and he said taxi S10 5G on 5 April last. Since then, it has not been the issuance of any other phone that supports networks of the fifth generation until the arrival of the said taxi Note 10 5G in the last month.

The company expects that it will be able to sell 4 million smart phone supportive networks of the fifth generation by year-end.

Source: Cnet

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