Samsung has sold 5 million units of the Galaxy A Series to India within 70 days only

Samsung Galaxy A50

After just 40 days of the launch of the series phones Galaxy A Series 2019 new in India, reported a Samsung it has sold two million units. Now, after a lapse of 30 days on it, that figure doubled to more than doubled, reaching 5 million units. And the head of marketing in the branch of Samsung in India with news agency Reuters, noting that this led to the Harvest Company’s revenues amounted to billion USD.

Reportedly, the company Samsung expects to reach revenue of the financial year 2019 to $ 4 billion. Given that the revenue of Samsung in India through fiscal year 2018, which ended in the month of March had reached 5.3 billion USD, it appears that Samsung expect to be generating most of its revenue by the series phones Galaxy A Series New.

Price ranges new phones from $ 75 USD to 410 USD. Based on the above figures, the average sale price throughout the days of the first 70 of about 200 USD.

And Samsung it got a market share of 77 percent in the high-end smartphone market in India which cost more than 30 thousand Indian rupees. However, they are facing strong competition from the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo in the smartphone market low. According to the latest statistics issued by the institution Counterpoint Research is specialized in market research, it has Samsung in the last quarter ending in March, shipped 23 percent of all smartphones in India.


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