Samsung has stopped the series phones Galaxy J Series, and replace them with Galaxy M Series


The company said Samsung recently announced that it will focus more on series smart phones, low will bring new technologies to this particular category of smart phones. Have highlighted some of the reports on recent steps taken by the company now to make this a reality. To this end, you might say Samsung stop the series phones Galaxy J Series and replacing it with a series of completely new carry the name of the Galaxy M Series.

The new report issued by South Korea says that Samsung will add more smart phones flowing to the lineup Galaxy A Series which is considered the finest of the assortment the Galaxy J Series. It seems that the company is relying on the popularity of these goods to increase their sales in this category.

This will lead to the phasing out of the series phones Galaxy J Series. It is then expected that the company Samsung launched the new series called the Galaxy M Series. Will Samsung detects smart phones and streaming as part of this new series. It should be noted that Samsung used the brand Gaalxy M for the first time in 2012, is now expected to be used to replace the Galaxy On the current that is being sold in India and China, a market crucial to the aspirations of the Samsung in the smartphone market low.

It is reported further that Samsung will reduce profit margins as much as possible in the Galaxy M Series so it will be able to maintain its dominant position in the Indian market where the company faces stiff competition from Chinese companies that offer smart phones featured at very competitive prices. May help of this strategy also the company to increase its share in China and Latin America. The company expects to compensate the decrease of their profits from the series phones Galaxy M Series through sales of the Galaxy A Series is the most memorable.



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