Samsung has supports feature three-dimensional scanning in the phone “Galaxy S”

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Company intends Samsung support Face Recognition feature via three-dimensional scanning, according to analysis of code source specific to the version of the last of the Android operating system, which the company began its launch a few days ago.

The Korean company’s face recognition feature by scanning a three-dimensional in her smart phone associated with the Galaxy S, to carry it to the archetype of the many companies that supports the feature was Apple’s first submission since the iPhone X in the past year.

After analyzing the source code version Android 9 Bay, which Samsung began the launch by two days for their Galaxy S and Galaxy S Plus, found developers indicates that this feature is coming to the police via what is known as account photo imaging “time of flight” Time of Flight or what is known as ToF.

It is indicated that the technique of ToF 3D works by measuring the time that it takes for the light pulse from the sensor and then reflected from the face of the body which is in front of him, the processing of such data can create a three-dimensional image of the face or any body else, which is adopted by Huawei in cell phone “dead 20 Pro”, and Apple TV in the phones, “iPhone X”.

Given the leaks that the Galaxy S will come with front camera within the screen, not within the protrusion as in the phones mentioned above, the application of the technique of ToF 3D will be tough, especially as they require the presence of a dedicated account, but previous leaks talked about that Samsung will integrate this sensor with the calculation of the front camera.

In case you don’t Samsung adopt this technology in the galaxy is the difficulty of implementation technically, the existence of what it refers to in the source code for the Android System 9 Bay confirms it’s coming to a phone on the other company, especially that the company started to provide advanced features in the phones category is expected of the series “Galaxy no” before the phones in the senior category.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung may supports feature three-dimensional scanning in the phone “Galaxy S”

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