Samsung has the screen fix itself

Started a lot of smart phone companies today place a layer counter for decoration on the screens of the phones, leading to a surface more smooth with higher protection against scratches, in addition to prevent the objects from sticking to the drive and to avoid the marks of fingerprints.

Despite the popularity of this energy, it seems that Samsung would like to use something different, which is what revealed the latest patents of the Korean company, where the company is working on layer works to repair itself immediately placed on the screen of the phone while providing an additional protective layer against scratches with protection from fingerprints for a longer period of time thanks to the property of self-repair, which is what we don’t know the D yet, as it contains that anti-fracture minor also.

Samsung's latest patent details a self-healing oleophobic coating for smartphone displays

I didn’t know, Samsung announced the date for the advent of this energy to the organs yet, and may not see anytime soon since it’s still just a patent, but with the increasing screen size of smartphones is continuously coming phone Galaxy F soon with a folding screen, may be this class is what you need manufacturers of the phones to keep the screens of their phones will look new for a longer period of time.


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