Samsung has won’t screen able to produce images in the gallery CES 2019


Hard to deny the extent of progress made by the Samsung company in the field of technology screens, we have seen the company which you know us many of the technologies screen in the past years. And now, according to a new report released recently from the South Korean news agency ETNews, it seems that Samsung intends to disclose the display technology-new at CES CES 2019 to be held early next month in Las Vegas, USA.

This new technology called The Sound On the OLED Display. Been advertising about this technique already earlier this year, but at CES CES 2019, will not Samsung more models of monitors that use this technology. And for those who have not heard about this technology before, it also suggests her name is able to play audio through the screen.

This is done through vibration and delivering sound frequencies through the bone, and thus lead that the vibrations of the screen to create waves is converted into sound when they reach our ears. It should be noted that the technology of sound conduction through bone is not new, there have been some fish that have been launched in the past which used this technique.

This is interesting particularly because what this means is that the Samsung in theory create a smartphone with a screen covering the front end completely obviating the company from supplying the screen with in order to hear the ear because it can screen itself to produce the sound. It may be possible to further use this technology in devices to the TV where can help in reducing its size because it may not need to the speakers actual. In both cases, we’ll find out in two weeks from now because of CES 2019 will be held in early January of the next year.

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