Samsung has yet to choose a final design for its smart folding

Samsung Galaxy Foldable 3

Assured Samsung that it will host its annual conference for developers SDC2018 in the next month which is expected by many to reveal the company for a lot of detail about her smart phone rollaway. However, according to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, it appears that Samsung is still working on this phone.

The report says that Samsung has a couple of prototypes and have not yet decided which of them would you choose in the end. One of these two models the first two featuring a long design horizontally when it is extended, while the prototype of the other design long vertically when it is extended. It seems that the designers of Samsung tend more towards the latter, as it seems that it’s easy to use with one hand, though it be uncomfortable when it is open.

We’re not sure whether Samsung will choose the final design by the time of the meeting and its annual conference for developers, but all this suggests that what we will see at the Samsung’s annual developers may not be the final design of the product, and that Samsung will only enhance what I have so far and share her thoughts about the design its intended purpose.

Refer other details to that this phone rollaway will not guarantee sensor fingerprint because the screen is flexible. Moreover, the report indicated that he would put smaller battery because the phone itself weighs more than 200 grams, so there may be a need to the smaller battery and lighter if the company did not want to make the phone very heavy. Needless to say, it is best to deal always with such reports with the least amount of protection, but come visit us again on 7 and 8 November to get all of the details.


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