Samsung have put the camera under the display, on the order of speakers

Безрамочный дисплей Samsung

Company Samsung clearly intends to completely abandon the unnecessary elements on the front panel of smartphones and fill the space edge-to-edge display. In the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8s she has already made the first step — selfie-camera is located right in the hole on the screen. The following smartphones she wants to go ahead and hide it or display even the speaker. Her mind is already technology that will help her to achieve.

The manufacturer will be embedded in the displays, piezoelectric transducers, some of which are plates, is able to reproduce sound under the influence of electricity. The sound emitted by them, has a quality which is more than enough for voice calls. Samsung officials called the technology “Audio display” and going to show it at CES 2019, which will be held in Las Vegas from 8 to 12 January.

It is known that this type of speaker is used in many new products, prepared for the January exhibition. For example, the company LG is preparing 65-inch TV, which will emit a sound directly from the display. Most likely, the technology will be used in some smartphones from other manufacturers.

Basically, if the company really manage to disguise the speakers below the display, its future smartphones can really be called a frameless. Their displays will increase in size and become more convenient for watching videos. Larger screen sizes at the same time does not affect the dimensions of smartphones.

Would you like to the front panel of the smartphone was completely covered by the display, or you are completely satisfied with the frames and cutouts? How would you have started to use smartphones with larger display? Your answers can be left in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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