Samsung held a partnership between its own payment service Samsung pay and PayPal

Samsung is one of the largest leading companies in the field of technology this company that offer the latest types of devices each year as well as relying on the latest and best forms of modern technology from time to time, the company Samsung has announced a strategic partnership with a company PayPal adding PayPal as a payment option through the Samsung pay.

Samsung eBay allow now purchase to the accounts for PayPal

About nine months ago after the announcement of Samsung about the possibility of using people for their accounts on the PayPal payment and purchase through pay Samsung a latest feature has been circulating today and this feature enables you to link your account in Paypal to pay in the Samsung giving you the ability to easily pay and buy all the stuff.

While the water is running on many different devices there are also users who say they don’t have access to the application of this feature until now, because it may be just a few days ago until this feature is implemented.

The partnership between Samsung eBay and PayPal

Samsung has announced in the United States that users will be able to add access to their account in Paypal and use the payment method in the Samsung, in online or offline.

He had already passed more than two years since announced Samsung system Samsung states that unlike the pay Android or pay Apple devices as the Samsung allows you to complete purchases through MST technology, the most traditional, which means that you can use your phone for payment at any place almost as it was available in Korea only but has since expanded to countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Thailand and Sweden with more in the future in the coming months and users have access to the portfolio of PayPal in order to spend the balance on various things.

It seems that the company Samsung has announced a strategic partnership today with a company PayPal adding PayPal as a payment option through Samsung at any place of payment is accepted by Samsung in other words users can access a PayPal wallet and install the app on the devices and spend the Balance at places where it .

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