Samsung hint to put the Galaxy Fold

Become the Galaxy Fold more smartphones controversial this year, although it is not officially released yet, already has been determined a release date for the device from the Korean giant however the audits discovered serious flaws in the screen is collapsible, which made the company postpone that date until the completion of the repair of those defects, the problem has been identified is adverse selection for the design of the phone which left a large gap size of 6 mm at the bottom of the hinges which served as the entry point for dust particles.

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سامسونج تلمح للموعد المرتقب لطرح هاتف Galaxy FoldSamsung hinting of material associated with Ask Galaxy Fold

For the phone which has price $ 2000 almost, it was unacceptable the existence of design flaws and glaring like that, therefore there was postpone to ask him formally and tell us Samsung after the launch of the phone, after a month and a half ago are likely to now know the launch date, where it was reported one of the executives of Samsung hints that the Galaxy Fold may be released sometime in July.

According to Yonhap, the South Korean, the Samsung is in the process of choosing a model on a design by three companies of the mobile phone in the United States, has been testing the final version of the phone to be next month, it concerns the main problems in Galaxy Fold joints on the device and the protective layer on the screen of the device, for the problem a recent report says that Samsung has put paint plastic protective under the framework of the machine, which makes it extremely difficult for normal user to remove it, The solution to the problem of the Joint by reducing the gap at the bottom which was the main reason to enter the dust and debris inside the phone.

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