Samsung hinting for coming Galaxy Note 9 battery 4000mAh

Samsung started the day strong promotional campaign for Galaxy Note 9 which is to be disclosed formally in the huge event on 9 August in New York City.

Samsung campaign title all A lot can change in a day and that a lot might be changed in a single day where I focused adverts on the 3 things are performance and storage capacity in addition to the battery.

Tips for battery with a large capacity commensurate with what has been leaked during the past few days if you follow the good news will be that a lot of sources reported that the phone will get a battery with a capacity of 4000 ml amp for the first time.

The rest of the things needed from Samsung like high performance and fast and avoid slow after a period of time in addition to storage capacity, which is expected to be 128GB and 265GB and 512GB.

Watch the video guide to channel Samsung on YouTube via the link in the source.


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