Samsung in collaboration with ARM and AMD to develop a new Exynos processor altogether (the report)

سامسونج في تعاون مع ARM وِAMD لتطوير معالج إكسينوس جديد كلياً (تقرير)

Samsung announced last November that they will use in the development of the Cor assigned to the Exynos of its own, where the reports identify the wearer of processors dedicated to staying on the architecture of ARM.

In today’s report from the Business Korea news came a collaboration between Korean giant Samsung and all of ARM and AMD in a desire to seize the throne in the manufacture of processors, the Android world is superior to America Qualcomm that as long as you wear the name of her dominance in the chip market phones.

This of course is not hidden from users of Samsung phones high-end who see in version Snapdragon performance and higher efficiency in line with the rest of the inner gear unlike the mobile version of the operating processor, the company’s exec.

According to the alleged report, Samsung is currently working with the designed chip by the British to build the Exynos processor design, ARM Cortex-X, which gives the efficiency and speed higher by about 30% for the copy processors based on designs Cortex, which means also on processors Snapdragon from Qualcomm.

In the locked the company at the same time work tirelessly to develop the organization of the processors, graphical compatible with the structure of the new fixes are added, but require those produced by Qualcomm, where the company plans Korean to use the graphics processing unit designated from AMD to run with The Wizard the update is expected to launch in 2021 with series phones S30. Will we see a new battle in the market of chips through next year, especially after the exit of Huawei including following the launch of the phone by next what the 40‘s?


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