Samsung in talks with MediaTek for the use of their products!

A few weeks ago announced the MediaTek (MediaTek) for its new MT6885 and MT6873 A processors supporting networks of the fifth generation will be to us in the phones of Oppo, Vivo share also all of this is normal and natural, but not normal or not usual to see processors MediaTek in the Samsung phones!

Samsung & MediaTek

Appeared today’s news on the start of Samsung is in negotiations with the Chinese MediaTek to use its processors supporting networks of the fifth generation in its phones vulnerable here we are talking about phones Galaxy A the weaker like the A10 and A20 to the side of the series phones M weak.

This in itself is strange, this is where that Samsung itself produces Exynos processor as to its relationship with the Snapdragon perfect! So why put themselves in one box with MediaTek you? Especially that the recent carry a bad reputation, especially in relation to the treatment of vulnerable (Low-End) ones!

Even now it’s uncertain, but if these negotiations there will be a positive result, namely that we’ll see phones medium/weak from Samsung in 2020 with the support of networks of the fifth generation!

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