Samsung intend to launch version 5G from her phone the next Galaxy A90 (leaks)

سامسونج تنوي إطلاق نسخة 5G من هاتفها المقبل جالكسي A90 (تسريبات)

We’ve pointed out in last March to work Samsung on phone Galaxy A90 of its Series A, which is in the category of medium specifications despite its enormous potential, where would be the highlights of the specs full screen and back camera HD; which will also include the role of the front camera via the mechanism of opening mechanical pocket camera allows the export of its front face when wanting to take a selfie.

According to the latest leaks about the Galaxy A90 has pointed to the settlement account of OneLeak to the plan of Samsung to launch a second copy of the phone report of the fifth generation, making it the first phone of the middle class holds the attributes of the flagship phones support networks of the fifth generation.

As the source added that the phone will techniques rapid charging capacity of 45 watts which means access to battery is full in record time, compared to the Galaxy S10 5G which supports charger facies fast is the other capacity of 25 watts.

At the time you get back, both processor and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 available in most flagship phones, the screen is full of big $ 6.7 inches with a fingerprint embedded therein.

Often around the camera is a three lens head accurately 45 mega pixels in both with a difference of where the cameras are secondary.

The ratio of 5G A90 will cameras high resolution of 5 and 8 mega pixels, the main women which do not support the technique of the fifth generation will be the camera high 12 and 5 mega pixel this is all in accordance with the arrangements.

In the case of predictions will be galaxy A90 is the third version of Samsung phones comes with the support network of the army, and this, according to previous arrangements, which talked about the company’s intention to launch a version of 5G Note 10 in the next conference the beginning of August next.

But the difference lies here in the development which will make the Samsung market phones the fifth generation, especially in terms of the difference in price and providing more choice for users to acquire phones support the latest communication techniques.

At a time when put my copy A90 favorable price and suitable to users in the target markets that you want Samsung’s sweep of its competitors.

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