Samsung intends the acquisition of the company evolution of the camera offer optical zoom up to 25x

Galaxy Note 8

Sources familiar with the matter that Samsung is eyeing to acquire Company a Zionist called Corephotonics, in a deal worth 150 million USD. It is estimated that the reason that prompted Samsung to acquire the company Corephotonics is the fact that the latter are developed camera for Oppo, which is based on the principle of perspective which expansion of the optical zoom up to five times.

He kept the cooperation between the company Oppo and Corephotonics a few years ago, and it is not yet clear whether the acquisition, Samsung will put an end to this cooperation. Perhaps the system was developed rounding of 10-fold has been announced by Oppo recently in collaboration with the company Corephotonics also.

The latest products of the company Corephotonics is camera three offer optical zoom Hybrid up to 25 times, although it is not disclosed the exact specifications yet. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the company Corephotonics is now in the midst of a legal battle with Apple where the claim of the latter that the company specialized in the development of the cameras violated a number of patents used in the phones iPhone the tail of the dual cameras.


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